Tire 59 Testimonials: Rims, Wheels and Tires:

Google Reviews:

Charles H:
"I've been going to Tire 59 for years now, they have always taken really good care of me, Mike, Joe, and Tony always remember me by name, and have put tires or rims on all of my family's cars. They are a knowledgeable group of guys, their pricing is fair, and they really stand behind their product. Parking can be a pain at times, but if you have time to wait, or if you can come in during the week, it will be worth the wait. Over-all I strongly recommend this place to all of my friends, co-workers, and family."


Josh J:
"I stopped by this place looking for an affordable price on a full set of tires for my car. They had the right size in stock and quoted me a fair price. I waited about 50 minutes for the installation to be completed, which is reasonable because there were a few customers ahead of me.

The interior of the store is filled with aisles of varied rims and has a waiting room with a television and magazines to keep you occupied while you wait." 


Sammy Rios:
"Quality Rims and Tires! Great Pricing! Fast Service - Walked in applied/approved drove off with my new wheels! "


John Coll:
"I recently went to Tire 59 after searching through out all of Houston for wheels on my 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo. I'll admit, I was a difficult customer. I wanted to put a 19X10.5" wheel on my vehicle, with an extremely aggressive fitment, nobody in the area wanted to deal with me. In fact, I knew from the start that it wouldn't fit. That being said, I walked in and spoke with Mike, he was very helpful and showed me several different options that we could make work with my vehicle... After about a week of deliberation, and speaking with Joe and Tony, we finally came to a conclusion! I ended up having to pull and roll my fenders, and stretch some tires on the wheels for it to fit. Huge thanks to the guys at Tire 59 for being patient with me, and pointing me in the right direction for all of my custom work. Better Products, Better Service Cheap Prices! "


A Google User:
"I've now been there 3 times... very happy with them. The first time I needed new tires for my HHR, but since I am going to be trading the car in within a year or so I did not want to spend a ton of money. The business is now called 59 Tires I found them through Craigslist. I went there after work yesterday, got there at 4:45. They suggested several new tires that would suit my needs. The owner (i presume) was very helpful and seemed to know all the tires he had in stock by memory! I chose a set of Continentals... They immediately had my car on the lift and were mounting the tires... Not only that, but they were super-fast. I was out of there by 5:15. They saved me $200 and had me in-and-out in 30 minutes. Very impressed. About 3 weeks later my darling bride managed to drive for 5 miles on a flat tire in my F150 which completely shredded the tire. I threw on the spare (which was a full-size and unused). Took the truck to 59 Tire after my first good experience and asked them to swap the almost-new tire that was on the spare rim and put it on the aluminum rim, and then give me a tire on the spare rim. Again, I was in-and-out in 30 minutes... 


A Google User:
"Fast Service , in and out in 15 min, I was looking for a tire, quick, only place that had it avail. next time I need tires will definately be talking to these guys again."


A Google User:

"Saved me several hundred bucks on tires for my Maxima. In and out in 20 minutes. I will definately use them again."


A Google User:
"Got a great deal on a pair of 19" Goodyear tires for my Porsche Cayenne. Between mounting and checkout my total time was less than 15 minutes on a Friday at lunch. Would recommend!" 

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